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We understand that libraries have to budget for projects like a new or improved web site. We also know that many local governments are cutting back on funding. Because of this, we offer very reasonable pricing that is based on your requirements. We also offer pricing that is 60% less than our normal rate for other types of web sites.


Fixed Price

Once we get your requirements for a new site, we use that to provide you with a proposal. The proposal includes all items that you requested and also offers a few options. For example, one option is hosting. The proposal also includes a pricing section with a fixed price quote on doing the work. This makes it easier to budget for the project and not have any surprises.



If you prefer that the project be done on an hourly basis, we can accommodate that. Just let us know and we will give you an idea of how long it will take to create an affordable and awesome web site for your library.


Monthly Updates & Hosting

We offer plans that include monthly updates and hosting. These are optional, but are worthwhile if you want to keep your site looking professional and need that extra care that a professional team can give you. We host your site and e-mail on a high speed server with a high speed connection to the Internet and make sure that it is running 24/7.


What You Can Expect

When working with us, you can expect excellent service, quick completion of work and professionalism. Our business has grown through referrals because we deliver on those expectations. We create a community site for your library that is highly functional, attractive and easy to maintain and update.